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This TV Show Is Getting Heat For Paying Its Asian Actors Less Money

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim have left 'Hawaii Five-O.'
PHOTO: Hawaii Five-0/CBS

Despite all the glitz and glamour, wage inequality is a serious problem in Hollywood, and it extends beyond gender discrimination. Over the weekend, news broke that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, who play Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-O, have officially left the show due to salary disputes. 

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Sources told Variety that Grace and Daniel asked for the same pay as their white co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. It's safe to say they weren't able to reach an agreement because CBS' final offer to both Asian actors was 10 to 15 percent lower. WTF?!

The show's executive producers have released a statement but did not address the issue: "I will never forget meeting Daniel while still writing the pilot and being certain there was no other actor who I'd want to play Chin Ho Kelly. Needless to say, Daniel has been an instrumental part of the success of Hawaii Five-0 over the past seven seasons and it has personally been a privilege to know him. Grace's presence gave Hawaii Five-0 a beauty and serenity to each episode. She was the consummate collaborator, helping build her character from day [one]. They will always be ohana to us, we will miss them and we wish them both all the best."

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