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Heart Evangelista Is Proof That Talent + Creativity, Not Just Beauty, Are The Keys To Success

'I stopped conforming to the patterns of this world.'
Heart Evangelista on Key To Success: 'I stopped conforming to the patterns of the world'
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista is always sporting designer clothing, using expensive beauty products, and regularly getting luxury in-clinic treatments. On the surface, it looks like Heart is spending her hard-earned money here and there, but that's actually not the case.

In Dr. Aivee Teo's vlog, Heart shared success and money advice tips. The actress likes to push her limits with every task. "I want to achieve greater things. Because in case I fail, I have a little allowance to be still over here," she said while gesturing her hand upward. "So I have to reach the maximum," she explained while demonstrating how high her expectations for herself are.

"It's not all beauty. Contrary to what people think, Dr. Aivee emphasized. "Even if you're that beautiful, but you don't have this (pointing to the head), you're not creative, and you're not talented, hindi rin naman. You're not gonna be who you are," she said to Heart.


"I'm not math or textbook smart talaga. I really work my mind talaga," she said.

The secret to her success? "I stopped conforming to the patterns of this world," Heart revealed. "Just be yourself. You're also programmed to be a certain shell, a beautiful shell. But that's the mold that they want, but you kinda forgot about yourself," she continued.

And we think that makes so much sense because Heart is considered to be one of the most stylish trendsetters in the industry. She's been asked to work with international publications and brands many times.

Heart explained that things didn't come easy for her. "But it was very hard for me to break out of that mold. Of course, it came with a lot of bashing. You know, people didn't like what I did, but that's me," she recalled.

So Cosmo Girls. this serves as a reminder that we are not born in this world just to people-please. Let's think big and always prioritize what we want for ourselves because from our true passions, success will follow.

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Aivee Day With Heart Evangelista

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