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Here Are Nadine Lustre's Inspiring Tips On How To Shine In Whatever You Do

They apply to whatever field you're in—from the arts to business!

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Some Pinays settle for less simply because they’re afraid to step out of their comfort zones. It’s easier to shy away from a dream and settle on what’s available, rather than try something new and risk failure. 

But there’s something scarier than failure, CGs, and that’s living life knowing you could do so much more, but choosing not to.

In an effort to empower Pinays all over the country to dream and do big, Cream Silk launched its #ConditionedForGreater campaign. During the launch on January 29, women from various fields spoke up on the importance of embracing one’s potential. Here are some lessons we learned from actress and Cream Silk brand ambassador Nadine Lustre during the event!

Life’s journey will not always be easy or smooth

It takes time, effort, and patience to achieve a goal. More often than not, there will be rejection and failure along the way. But don’t let these setbacks keep you from striving for more. If anything, use them as motivation to launch you forward.

There’s always room to grow

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Shake off that self-doubt and try new things! These days, technology, flexible working conditions, and changing mindsets allow people to be more creative when pursuing their passions. Work with everything that life offers you. Look for opportunities that will allow you to learn and grow.

Be ready to take the next step

It’s not enough to know your goals. You need to take action. Thinking and living big starts with taking that one small step. And there’s no better time to move forward than the present. Get your hands on the wheel. Write your own story. Change the way you think. Make a differencenot just for your sake, but for also for others’.

Now’s the time to raise the bar and own your life. Cream Silk #ConditionedForGreater enables Pinays to go for bigger, better things.

Thanks to its partnership with, Pinays can now go online to take free courses in business, communication, and arts. Visit to enroll in free classes now!

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