What Life Is Like As A Hollywood Celeb Social Media Manager

Can you imagine having full access to the stars' social media accounts? SO. MUCH. POWER.
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Everybody knows I'm a huge fan of Iron Man. So when Robert Downey Jr. finally got an Instagram account, I was ecstatic. We were somehow ~connected~. Not once did it ever cross my mind that someone else could be updating that account on his behalf—but that's a real job that a lot of people have these days. 

Take 41-year-old LaQuishe "Q" Wright, for example.

Refinery 29 did a profile on her to find out what it's like to be the social media girl for the stars. Like a true professional, she didn't drop any names, but after a quick look at her Instagram, we're almost certain she's worked with A-listers like Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and Paul Walker

What exactly does Q do? She says it's all about working together "navigate the social space organically, just like how they would if it was just them doing it all the time all by themselves." Q insists that she doesn't want to change her clients: "My job is to figure out each person's comfort level in the social space, because everyone is different. We have to figure out what your social personality is, who you want to be, and how you want to connect with your audience."

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Which is probably why so many celebrities trust her. 

The self-proclaimed "tech geek" believes that candid photos are still the best way to connect with a fanbase: "If I post something that's behind the scenes and organic, [as opposed to] something that's more stylized, the numbers are always off the charts. That's my job with my client and their fans—to help the fans feel like they're being brought into this amazing and interesting and different process."

Read the complete profile on Refinery 29.

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