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How Do You Deal With A ~*Marites*~ In The Office?

Marites? She's everywhere!
PHOTO: Mimi Thian/Unsplash

You know who Marites is: That one person who just can't help but stir the pot and spread gossip. Sometimes, a little bit of tea is okay. But there are instances, especially if it's a workplace setting, that chismis can be harmful.

When malicious gossip affects your performance or is even a threat to your advancement on the career ladder, there are certain measures that you must take. We asked the Cosmo readers on Instagram how they deal with a "Marites" in the office. Here what they had to say:

If you can't beat them, join them...

"I am one of the Marites and we really have this GC named “Marites” to update the other member na naka-off duty, haha!" - @mrsasay 

"I didn't choose the Marites life. The Marites life chose me." - @jmienriquez

"Either sabayan mo siya sa pagmamarites or confront her." - @audreynaguit

Earphones help!

"Airpods Pro really helps." - @lanihidalgo

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"Wear headphones at all times. Para 'di kana kausapin." - @chachiiiiiiiing

"Magbingi-bingihan and always keep yourself busy while listening to good music." - @mejomaldita04

Follow the Art of Deadma.

"Don't entertain, so she/he will avoid you in the future. Haha." - @dyosaleona

"Deadma! They won't stop unless you ignore them." - @ivygraceagus

"Ignore and continue working." - @graceannic

"Deadma lang pero 'pag below the belt na, confront na." - @camille29anne

Take the high road.

"Politely talk and address the issue before it goes out of hand." - @lilyandadora

"Ignore!!!! Pray for them instead." - @michelle_roblessss

"Lend your ears, but mind your own life. Because at the end of the day, you want to be productive AF!" - @ekikay

Editor's advice:

If you feel comfortable enough to talk to them, approach your immediate superior or HR executive if the gossip is already affecting you and your career. Keep receipts or screenshots of the malicious rumors being spread about you.

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If the situation remains unresolved, maybe you could ask to be transferred to a different department or think about moving to a new company. We know, nakakainis na ikaw pa mag-aadjust, but at this point, it's all about self-preservation. Always remember that your mental health is more important than anything else.

*Answers were edited for clarity


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