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How To Do A Mental Detox And Feel Refreshed

Learn how your mind works so you can enjoy life more.
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Stressing about your career, bills, and love life all at the same time can easily make you a mess. When there are so many things on your mind, you risk producing subpar output at work. You can also get cranky when you don’t get your way, turning off your colleagues or hurting your loved ones.

While feeling some pressure can keep you on your toes, dealing with it poorly can break your progress and overall happiness. Here’s how to declutter your mind so you can stay on top of your game and focus on the things that give you joy:

1. Write down your thoughts.
Writing forces you to organize your thoughts and reflect on your priorities and goals. It’s easier to make decisions when you draw the line between what you want and what’s not worth stressing about. Writing also provides an outlet for your emotions. Once you've put everything on paper, you should be calm enough to execute your game plan.

2. Download a project-management app.
A good app reminds you of upcoming errands and lets you mark finished tasks, helping you find motivation in your accomplishments. You only need to plan your overlapping tasks once, then plot them on the calendar. Just focus on what’s scheduled now, and nothing else.

3. Exercise.
Working out releases mood-boosting endorphins and relieves stress. Jog or do some yoga to clear your mind and feel in control.

4. Talk to a friend.
A true friend should support you and reaffirm your strengths. If you’re not looking for a pep talk, that same friend will let you vent, and might even offer a new perspective on getting your act together.

5. Indulge in some retail therapy.
This lets you relax, see pretty things, and get into a mindless, effortless activity. Shopping can also be a motivational tool—you can allow yourself to splurge only after you’ve accomplished a certain goal.

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