How To Do A Mental Detox And Feel Refreshed

Learn how your mind works so you can enjoy life more.
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Stressing about your career, bills, and love life all at the same time can easily make you a mess. When there are so many things on your mind, you risk producing subpar output at work. You can also get cranky when you don’t get your way, turning off your colleagues or hurting your loved ones.

While feeling some pressure can keep you on your toes, dealing with it poorly can break your progress and overall happiness. Here’s how to declutter your mind so you can stay on top of your game and focus on the things that give you joy:

1. Write down your thoughts.
Writing forces you to organize your thoughts andApply for a Citi Simplicity + Card here, and follow Citibank on Facebook. To learn more about other Citibank products, visit the official website.

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