How To Follow Up After A Job Interview

How long should you wait?
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Looking for the right job is a looong process. From the moment you create a resume to when you're #blessed with a job interview, it could take weeks before you even hear back. (Globally, the average waiting time is three weeks, but we all know it could take much longer.) And that's if they don't just ghost you.

So how do you make sure you aren't completely forgotten by a potential employer?

People often forget that sending a follow-up email can work wonders. To be clear, a follow-up email is different from a thank-you email. A thank-you email is important because it lets your interviewer know that you appreciate the time he or she took to meet with you. A follow-up email, however, should be more specific. 

HR specialist Kelly Marinelli told Refinery 29, "The message should be specific, show authentic appreciation, and be addressed to each interviewer personally if possible. Finally, the thank-you message should reference something substantive from the interview that is specific to the employer, preferably including a connection to what you bring to the role."

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That's why it's essential to make mental notes during the interview as well; the work isn't done just because you successfully answered all their questions. 

By nature, Filipinos tend to be less aggressive about following up. "Nakakahiya kasi," or "Baka mainis sila," are concerns we have about reaching out. But you should always ask an interviewer how and when you should follow up.

According to Dan Ryan, a principal consultant at Ryan Search & Consulting, "If no response occurs, check in weekly unless given other directions.

Source: Refinery 29

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