Public Speaking Tips For People Who Hate It

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare.
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Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to some people. Actually, even the most confident speakers will get nervous about presenting in front of an audience. Actors, who do this for a living, get stage fright as well. Here’s what you need to do to keep from having a full-blown panic attack right before a presentation:

1. Strike your best Wonder Woman pose.

When you’re hunched over, not only do you project insecurity, but you also FEEL it! Standing with your chin up, arms on your hips, and shoulders back can actually help ease the tension and pump your confidence. Try it!

2. Breathe properly.

Don’t hold your breath! Be aware of your rhythm and connect your mind to how calming it is to take slow, deep breaths. 

3. Avoid dairy products and coffee.

Milk and coffee can often leave us feeling jittery, which might not be the best thing to be right before a presentation. Stick to water and lighter foods.

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4. Prepare!

Know your shit. If your presentation is something you’ve worked hard on for weeks or even months, take comfort in the fact that at this point, you know it inside and out. You can answer any question about it! 

5. Imagine the worst.

People always say that staying calm and expecting the best will get you through public speaking. The opposite can also get you there! Picturing the worst case scenario can have a calming effect. This will also allow you to anticipate questions and problems, which you can prepare for.

6. Connect with the audience.

Whether you’re presenting in front of a class, your bosses, or a panel of judges for a competition, these people aren’t rooting for you to fail! They are here to see what you have to say. They’re on your team.

7. Accept your mistakes.

Maybe you forgot an important point and you had fumble back to it. Maybe your Powerpoint just did not want to cooperate. It’s okay. Don’t let these things bring you down. Don’t let it distract you from the bigger goal. 

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Source: Prevention

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