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5 Ways To Travel More Even With A Full-Time Job

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We don't know how it started, but for some reason, people seem to think that only flight attendants, tour operators, and bloggers get to travel the world on the reg. And that's just not true. Seeing the world is possible for everybody! Here's what you need to do:

1. Plan ahead. 

Look at your company’s calendar, and see which holidays are on there. When can you squeeze in an extra-long weekend? But at the same time, prices skyrocket around the holidays, so is it an option to work through a holiday and use those banked hours some other time? Studying your company’s policy closely can earn you a few days of vacation time during the off season.

2. Watch for deals.

You no longer have to call travel agencies to find out about special flight prices or promos. It’s as easy as changing your Facebook settings. Promos are often first announced on social media, so do yourself a favor and set up those alerts and notifications!

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3. Extend a work trip.

If you’re flying off somewhere for a work event or conference, see if it’s possible to add a couple of days to that trip. Work remotely if you have to! We know that not every job can accommodate this option, but it never hurts to ask. Who knows, your boss might just say yes.

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4. Use a credit card.

That’s right. It’s time we stop being afraid of credit cards! If you ask the right questions, and do enough research, credit cards can be the best travel buddy ever. Look up credit card and airline alliances, and collect those mileage points. If you monitor this closely, you can earn enough mileage points to fly from the Philippines to Europe for free.

5. Bond with your coworkers.

Trust us. You’re going to need to be in good terms with your officemates if you want to be jetting off somewhere every so often. After all, these are the people who will be shouldering your duties while you’re gone. Be considerate. Be willing to work longer and harder. You need to justify the luxury of being a traveler by showing up at work, and being reliable. Prove that you deserve that vacation.  

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