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Important Questions To Ask Yourself To Avoid Impulse Buying

We all joke about it, but being broke in your 20s is far from cute.
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Your barkada probably jokes about the fact that once your sweldo comes in, it’s almost automatically wiped out because of your shopping habit, but you know what’s ~not~ funny? Lacking financial restraint, especially as an adult. So ask yourselves these questions first the next time you’re casually buying ANOTHER top online:

What is this for?

Too often we see something and think, “Ang cute cute nito! Kailangan ko ‘to!” But girl, there are too many cute things out there that you can’t afford rn; “cuteness” can’t be your only justification for buying a certain item. Instead, ask yourself, “Is this necessary?”

Do I already have one?

Once, while shopping with a friend, I picked up a white chiffon top that I was sure I’d wear all the time. My friend walked up to me and said, “You know you have at least seven chiffon tops, right? Two of which are white.” So, yes, I would’ve worn it, but I also already have something similar.

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How often will I use this?

True, not all things fall under the “every day” category, but it can’t hurt to determine how important it’ll be in your life. Are you buying something because it fits your “aesthetic” or “personal brand” or are you just curious because it’s currently trending? For example, jelly sandals are back, but do you really want to sport the same look you did when you were seven years old? Think it through.  

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Where will I put this?

People forget to ask this question all the time, which is surprising because while shopping, you have to consider if you even have space for it at home. A friend once bought a cute bedside drawer only to realize later on that she could barely get out of her room ‘cause her door was so close to it.   

How long will this last?

Think about an item’s longevity. Cheap finds are great, but invest in quality items that will last! And don’t try to lie to yourself; you know all the stores that don’t make good clothes. Avoid them and look for brands worth buying from.

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