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Are You Missing Your Office BFF These Days?

According to a survey, a lot of people are missing face-to-face contact with their colleagues.

Despite all the Zoom calls, we're sure we can all agree that catching up with your office best friend through a computer isn't the same as getting coffee together in the morning or sharing merienda in the afternoon. In fact, according to data provided by JobStreet, missing face-to-face contact with colleagues (or even customers) is a big struggle for people right now. 

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JobStreet conducted a survey among employers (314 participants) and job seekers (2,569 participants) to figure out how to better serve the job market right now. Part of this research included employees' major concerns amid the pandemic. As expected, "personal/family finances" was number one on the list at 58 percent followed by "job security" at 53 percent. 

Third on the list, and perhaps the most surprising part, is that 47 percent of people are "missing face-to-face (F2F) contact with their colleagues and customers.

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Check out the complete list below:

  • Concerns about personal/family finances - 58 percent
  • Concerns about job security - 53 percent
  • Missing F2F contact with colleagues/customers - 47 percent
  • Issues with technology - 43 percent
  • Poorer opportunities for career progression/growth - 38 percent
  • Difficulties achieving company targets - 34 percent
  • Heavier workload - 33 percent
  • Pressure/questioning from manager about productivity - 30 percent
  • Difficulties balancing work/family commitments - 30 percent
  • Difficulties working as a team - 28 percent
  • Difficulties being as productive working from home - 28 percent
  • Poorer training opportunities - 28 percent
  • Having to find additional work due to salary reduction - 10 percent
  • Other - 4 percent
  • No change - 3 percent

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