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Judy Ann Santos Has Wise Words For All The Aspiring YouTubers Out There

And other lessons she's learned as a content creator.
Judy Ann Santos gives advice for aspiring YouTubers

One of the things we got more of during the pandemic is time—time to try new things and explore the unknown. In fact, you may have noticed that so many people have launched their own podcasts. It's an amazing way to connect with other people and get your ideas out there. And maybe you've thought about doing something similar—like starting a YouTube channel. But what's the first step?

If you're looking for a little guidance and a dose of inspiration, Judy Ann Santos has a lot to say about it. The actress, who's now also a popular YouTuber, shared her insights in a recent talk for Digiskarteng Pinay, an initiative by Google, Women Will, and YouTube. This project launched in 2019 and according to Google Philippines' Country Director Bernadette Nacario, it is "a program that empowers women to harness the power of YouTube to diversify their skillset and translate this into livelihood opportunities. The program allows women to do this in their own time and pace while balancing their many roles."


Host Joyce Pring-Trivino asked Judy Ann how the idea for Judy Ann's Kitchen came to life. Apparently, she didn't have any plans to make it a big thing—mahilig lang talaga siyang magluto, guys: "It was really more of having fun and inspiring people and telling people that it's okay to make mistakes when you cook...I'd been watching cooking shows and parang feeling ko, ang perfect perfect naman nang ginagawa nila na [kahit] ako na marunong magluto, nawawalan ako ng lakas ng loob to try cooking 'cause all of these chefs are so perfect."

So when they tried shooting an episode, Judy Ann actually told her team not to edit anything out: "Ilagay natin lahat nang nangyari at the time na ginawaga ko 'yan. Kasi parang, bakit hindi? I am the producer. I am the content creator. It's my channel." She has a point! 

And if you don't know what *exactly* you like just yet, that's okay. According to the content creator, hit or miss talaga 'yan. It's a risk and you should really find the thing that's going to make you happy. She said, "You're actually doing yourself a favor by doing these little things for yourself. You're trying to keep your sanity together. You're trying to keep your composure together. You just want to create your own bubble and nothing is wrong with that."

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Judy Ann Santos' advice for creators who already have a platform

Listen and respond to your subscribers. Judy Ann explained, "Malaking factor when you browse through the comments section and actually read and listen and understand kung anong tinatanong nila. Tapos in the next vlog, you answer it. Kasi little questions na maaring feeling nila na 'di'll be surprised na sa isang question na sinagot mo, marami pa lang nakaka-relate sa tanong na 'yon. 'Di mo naman kailangan isa-isahin. Kung ano lang kaya mong sagutin kasi alam mong kaya mo silang tulungan sa part na 'yon."

Another excellent piece of advice she has is to respect your subscribers enough by not giving tips on something you've never tried "kasi unfair naman sa nag-subscribe sa'yo kasi they're actually asking you a very genuine question and you're not gonna give them the right answer based on your experience." She said that there's nothing wrong with saying, "I haven't tried it yet but susubukan ko para sa'yo...ako muna." Build that relationship and let them know that you're more than happy to learn. 


Wise words for future content creators

"Do what you want. It should be your passion. It should be something that you like to do and want to share to people. If it's not genuine, it will show. At some point, mabr-break away ka sa content mo kasi hindi ikaw 'yon...Hangga't hindi mo nawawala ang sarili mo, you'd be able to inspire people...mas lumalakas na loob mo, mas passionate ka na sa ginagawa mo, mas malawak na yung ideas mo..."

You can watch the entire Digiskarteng Pinay talk here:


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