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Julia Barretto On Starting The Juju Club: 'The brand represents me as a whole and everything that I love'

Here's the real reason she decided to start her own business amid the pandemic.
Here's The Reason Why Julia Barretto Started The Juju Club
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto

ICYMI, Julia Barretto recently launched her own brand, The Juju Club. The online store is filled to the brim with accessories that'll make every kikay girl's dream come true, like cute hair claws, scrunchies, aesthetic sunnies, chunky rings, bucket hats, and more!

Julia Barretto

In her most recent YouTube video, the 24-year-old actress answered random questions that her fans sent via Instagram, including details about her brand! Keep on scrolling to learn more:

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Why Julia Barretto started The Juju Club

When asked what pushed her to *finally* start her own business, Julia answered that this has been something on her mind for quite some time already. "For many years now, I've been really thinking about what kind of business I really wanna do, what kind of business will really best represent who I am, and the things I genuinely love and enjoy using and having. With The Juju Club coming out, I feel like that brand represents me as a whole and everything that I love and everything that says 'Julia.'"

She added, "I've always wanted to just come up with something that could be incorporated into everybody's lives. I wanted it to become a lifestyle for everybody because all the products in The Juju Club have been my lifestyle and have become a big part of my life."

She also made sure to ~tease~ us about her upcoming releases! "With whatever you're seeing now, it doesn't really end there. We have a lot more products for you guys, and I really can't wait to launch all of these and share them with you," she shared.

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Lastly, Juju also noted the importance of *investing* and being smart with your funds. She mentioned that she's not getting any younger, so it was time to start investing her money and putting it to good use. "Kailangan nanganganak yung pera mo, in short," she quipped.

YouTube/Julia Barretto

Why Julia Barretto chose the name The Juju Club

On the topic of why she chose that particular name for her brand, Julia said that aside from it being her nickname, "juju" also means luck. "It's either you have bad juju or good juju, but with The Juju Club, we always just want to spread good juju. That's sort of what the brand is all about, just spreading good energy, good luck," she explained.

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YouTube/Julia Barretto

We can't wait for your upcoming releases, Julia!

Watch Julia's vlog here:

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