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Cute! Kendra Kramer Flexes Her *First Car* At 13 Years Old

She adds it to the list of big investments under her name!
kendra kramer first car
PHOTO: Instagram/kramer.kendra

About a month shy of her 14th birthday, Kendra Kramer got her first-ever car over the weekend! The celeb daughter could barely contain her excitement as she posted about the milestone on her Instagram feed. 

"I feel like crying! My very first car," she captioned a photo of her beaming brightly beside new ride. Awww, she looks so happy!


The teen also shared that her car is the Jetour Ice Cream EV 2023 in the color Strawberry, a small pure-electric vehicle that recently came to the Philippines following its popularity in China. Fun fact: This particular car reportedly costs nearly P700,000! 

"And the beauty beyond the cute color, and friendly price, is that it's ALL ELECTRIC! Nature friendly," Kendra wrote online. She then revealed that she's naming her ride Blush because seeing the vehicle "makes [her] blush." So cute! 

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The comments section was also brimming with congratulatory comments from fellow celebrities and fans alike. "Lucky girl," Iya Villania responded to the post as numerous supporters half-jokingly asked Kendra for a ride. 


Although Kendra's only a teen as of writing, this actually isn't the first big investment under her name. Last year, the aspiring supermodel vlogged about her growing collection of designer handbags and the new Rolex watch she received for her 13th birthday

We're so happy for you, Kendra! 

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