Lifestyle Changes You Should Make To Save More Money

It's time to make—not buy your daily coffee!
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1. Money is freedom.

You need to change your mentality about money. It shouldn't be seen as a way of buying stuff, but as a means of buying your freedom—freedom from having to worry about making ends meet, from not having enough when there's an emergency, and from feeling insecure about where your career is headed. 

2. Surround yourself with people who are dedicated to the same cause. 

Even if you're saving every centavo you can, that won't amount to much if your partner or your family doesn't share the same dedication to saving. Yes, you might have familial responsibilities, but it's important to remember to leave some for yourself. Mag-tira ka naman para sa sarili mo. 

3. Try to hit a specific number every month. 

Even if it's only P500—it's better than nothing! Slow and steady. Set that aside as soon as your paycheck comes in. Once you get used to paying yourself first, increase the amount at a comfortable pace. 

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4. Train yourself to WANT to hit that number.

It's a little weird, but feeling a twinge of disappointment when you don't meet that goal can serve as a motivation. You'd be surprised at how your urges and your choices can adjust to that specific lifestyle. Eventually, it won't even feel like that much of a sacrifice. 

5. Talk to someone who knows about money.

It pays to consult a professional. Make sure your money is in the right hands. At the very least, get tips on how to grow your savings. 

6. Don't make a big financial move just because you think it's the next natural step.

If you can't afford to move out, don't move out. If buying a car will financially cripple you, tiis-tiis lang muna sa pag-commute. Shrug off any societal pressure you feel when it comes to spending. Being buried in debt is not worth the perceived ~*cool*~ points.

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7. That said, don't listen to the majority.

Unless you're talking to a professional, most people only have a basic understanding of money and the economy. The majority doesn't know shit. You only need to look at their spending habits to know if what they're saying matches with the way they live their lives.

8. Take up new hobbies. 

Find something you love and profit from it. Are you passionate about photography? That's one of the biggest and most lucrative side hustles out there! It's important that you take up something you're interested in so it doesn't feel like MORE work. 

9. Remember: Impulse buying is the devil.

Ask yourself, is it worth it? Do I really want this? More importantly, do I need it? Can I find this somewhere else for less money? 

10. Reject the urge to buy the newest ~*shiny*~ product out there.

A new phone comes out every six months. We can't even wrap our heads around how much money you'd waste by trying to catch up to every single trend. 

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