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5 Pinay Celebs Talk About Their *Best* Money-Saving Tips

Take notes, you guys!
Anne Curtis, Heart Evangelista

With how uncertain our economy has been due to the pandemic, it's high-time we take a good look at our money and how we're spending it. Sure, the world of finance may be an intimidating terrain to navigate with all the technical jargon that comes with it, but that doesn't mean we can't start with simple practical tips we can easily get behind, such as learning to control your online shopping habits. In fact, even celebrities with all their hard-earned, hefty pay are mindful of their finances.

Here are seven practical money saving tips from Pinay celebs.

  1. Have a quota.

    Anne Curtis was 18 years old when she first started handling her own finances. In a webinar with Manulife Philippines, the actress shared that she was taught to have a quota of which she has to reach before allowing herself to spend on non-essential purchases. "Siyempre when you have a quota, hindi mo dapat tinitipid yung sarili mo. You set a reasonable and attainable quota for yourself and once you reach that, that extra money that you have, that's when you can spoil yourself a little bit more."

    money saving tips from celebrities
    PHOTO BY Instagram/annecurtissmith
  2. Set aside 10 percent of your monthly savings.

    To ensure she always has money in the bank, Isabelle Daza created a safety net for herself. In a video for ING Philippines last 2019, the actress mentioned that she started a savings account, in addition to her usual expense account. Whenever her monthly pay comes in, she immediately transfers 10 percent of the money to her savings. This way, she'll always have something extra at the ready when the need arises.

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    money saving tips from celebrities
    PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/isabelledaza
  3. Choose the right bank for you.

    Another tip from Isabelle? Be discerning! When it comes to your finances, it's never a bad thing to go in depth with your research, especially when deciding which bank to trust with your hard-earned cash. Try to compare interest rates between banks so you'll know which one offers a higher deal.

  4. It's better to pay in cash.

    Everyone knows Heart Evangelista's wardrobe is bursting with enviable luxury finds, but don't be fooled because the actress knows exactly how to keep her money in check. In a 2018 vlog, Heart shared that she prefers to pay in cash to keep herself from mindlessly swiping away at her credit card. "I like paying [in] cash because if I keep using my card, I don't feel the spending," she shared. It's also one practical way of budgeting her expenses and disciplining herself. "If I see my money slowly disappearing, that's when I stop shopping."

    money saving tips from celebrities
    PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamhearte
  5. Avoid purchasing items you won't need in the long run.

    Despite her undeniable fame, and the pay that no doubt comes with it, Andrea Brillantes revealed that she never buys designer pieces. As her family's breadwinner, the actress learned to be frugal at just 10 years old. Once she got into showbiz, Andrea made sure to set aside her earnings so she could fund her family's dream home. "Hanggang ngayon 'di pa rin ako bumibili ng mga designer shoes and bags," she said in an interview. Instead, any luxury item she does own has been gifted to her. 

    money saving tips from celebrities
  6. Skip the sale.

    Speaking of spending on unnecessary things, most of us are prone to falling into this trap when there's a tempting "sale" sign in front of us. Heart Evangelista's other tip? Just walk away. "[I learned from Chiz] that cash is king...Even if it's on sale—and I'm still learning this hard—it's still expensive if you don’t need it."

  7. Avoid accruing an impossible amount of debt.

    Kris Aquino's mom, the late former President Corazon Aquino, once reminded her to never have debt, and the TV personality has stuck to that mantra ever since. "Everything that I have, every business I have, our home, our all, have all been paid for in hard-earned cash," she shared. Of course, we don't all have the means to pay for everything straight from our pockets, but it's always good to set achievable financial benchmarks for ourselves by managing our loans and ensuring they don't get out of hand.

    money saving tips from celebrities
    PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/krisaquino

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