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Need To Recharge Your Brain? Here Are 5 Fun Ways To Occupy Yourself Using Pen And Paper

Make break time more interesting with these activities!
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1. Play “mad libs” with a friend.

Are you creative with words? Try doing mad libs over breaktime with your friends! ICYDK, mad libs is an old word game where you attempt to build a story by filling out blanks with random words. Print out a ready-made mad libs story or make your own and ask your friends to give you words to fill in the blanks. Then read it out loud and try to make sense of whatever it is you guys just wrote!

2. Play the classic tic-tac-toe game.

Have a mini #throwback moment at the office by playing tic-tac-toe with your cubicle neighbor. Pass it over the person next to you and watch the excitement build up from one cube to another. If you want some variation, try using drawing other symbols aside from the usual X and O or use numbers and try to make the sequences add up to a set value.

3. Write your dreams on a paper and turn it into a paper star.

Find yourself daydreaming randomly on your desk? Here's a fun way to make use of those spaced-out moments. Buy colorful papers, cut it in strips, and write down your dreams, goals, or thoughts of the day. Make a paper star (which you can learn how to do here) and store it in a clear mason jar. Your dreams can now be used as a colorful display on your desk! It'll also be a nice reminder for you to do your best to achieve every star by the end of the year!

4. Write hidden notes to people in the office.

But not in a creepy way, okay? If you usually find yourself in the office after dark (because, a girl has to hustle and OT sometimes), write down an inspiring quote on a Post-It note before you leave and stick it under the desk or chair of a close office friend. Who knows? One of these days, it'll fall out of their desk or chair and it could make someone's day brighter.

5. Write a newspaper job ad with your friends.

Skip the usual chikahan session during merienda time and play this fun game over a bag of your favorite chips. All you have to do is sit around the table (almost in a circle) and ask the person next to you to write down a sentence to form a complete, and funny, newspaper ad. Start with a weird, even non-existent job and add a description, then ask the next person to write the rest of the job description and qualifications. Make the ad longer by adding all the weird and funny things you can think of!

Finally, nothing completes a fun pen-and-paper activity than a snack that makes break time better, like Piattos! Get more ideas for your #PiattosTime moments on their Facebook page by clicking here!

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