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You Can Easily Start An Online Business If You Steer Clear Of These Mistakes

Make sure your side hustle grows with the right 'diskarte!'
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With the internet at our beck and call, almost everyone is doing something on top of their day jobs to earn some extra money. Sometimes it starts as a hobby, other times it's a passion project—whatever it is, you can make money out of something you love if you hustle hard. But before you dive in headfirst, here are a few common mistakes to avoid to increase your chances of running a successful biz.

1. Branding your business wrong.

Just because a certain millennial pink look worked for a brand or two, doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours. Think long and hard about what your brand is, who you’re targeting, and how you’d want to be perceived. Don’t just copy a look that’s already taken on IG. Be original, this is your chance to make a name for yourself. Once you’ve gotten your brand down, make your presence known on social media by posting tons of content.

2. Taking on more than you can handle.

In the process of trying to get more clients or selling more items, it’s normal to end up saying yes to everything. But you might accept more jobs than you can take care off. Learn how to set your limits—you can only do so much. Note down all your tasks so that when new job orders come in, you can easily see if you can accommodate them. Remember, don’t let the quality of your work suffer for a little extra cash—you’ll only end up losing customers in the long run.

3. Not having a goal.

Just because your raket isn't your main source of income, doesn’t mean you can just do whatever, whenever. If you really want to earn from your side hustle, you'll need to give it the same amount of time and importance as you would your day job. Ask yourself what you want to achieve out of this. Maybe you need the funds for a vacation abroad, or you want to grow your business until stores ask to partner with you. Once you have that nailed down, it’ll be easier for you to know the steps you need to take to achieve that goal.

4. Quitting too early.

No one ever said it’s going to be easy, but if you give up after your first fall, then you’re basically sabotaging your own chances for success. Give yourself some time to grow. Even the biggest companies in the world have bad months, too, so it’s totally normal. If you think you haven’t gotten a lot of orders, or if your engagement on social media is low, experiment with marketing your products or services in a different way. Results take time, and if you know you put in the work, we promise it will be worth it.

5. Working with wrong partners.

Every side hustler who sells their products online needs a reliable and efficient courier partner. Lost or damaged packages or delayed deliveries can instantly pull a business down because unsatisfied customers tend to post about bad experiences on social media. If you’re unlucky, it could take just one irate customer ranting on their feed to ruin your whole business.

Save yourself the headache and focus more on growing your business by going with a trusted brand such as Grab. Every package accepted by GrabExpress is insured and their drivers undergo intensive training to make sure your parcels are delivered safely. You can also expect your packages to be picked up immediately and delivered straight to your recipient. Did we mention they even have real-time tracking? Your customer can excitedly check where the labor of your love is on its journey.

Want to give it a try? Use code ‘DISKARTE’ to get P100 off on your first three deliveries. Learn more about GrabExpress by following Grab on Facebook.

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