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Report: There's A Chance Your Sweldo Will Increase In 2020

Here's something to lift your spirits!
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Here's one more thing to get you excited for 2020: Human resources consulting firm Mercer has recently released a report forecasting that several industries may have pay hikes in the coming year.

The 2019 Philippines Total Renumeration Survey, which is based on data from 433 companies from various industries, predicts that salary increase will grow to six percent, compared to 2019's five and a half percent. While this is estimated to happen across the board, those in consumer goods, energy, and high tech will experience the highest increases.

The downside? Hiring may slow down in some industries, as only 45 percent of surveyed organizations are expected to get new employees compared to 2019's 50 percent. Companies are predicted to be more focused on retaining talents by offering better compensation so as to make jobs more enticing as more and more people are opting to go freelance.

The Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO) industry, however, will still be aggressively hiring, as 77 percent of companies surveyed are planning to add headcount in 2020.


So if ever you've submitted your resignation letter this December and are still looking for an opening, here are a few tips that can make you and your services more hireable:

Fix your resume.

It doesn't matter if you're applying for a creative job or not, make sure that your resume is a good balance of information and design. This doesn't mean that you have to go all artsy on it. Just make the layout pleasing to the eyes and the content short and sweet (and trueno one wants a would-be employee lying on their CV).

Make sure that your social media accounts are HR-ready.

These days, employers look at your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages as soon as they check your resume just to see if you're actually the person you've put on paper, so if you think your social media channels need a bit if cleaning up, then do so.

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Research, research, research.

One thing that turns a potential employer off is a candidate who doesn't do her research on the company she wants to work for. Remember, ladies, that at this point in your life, you shouldn't just consider a position for the money. Based on your extensive experience and expertise, as well as your lifestyle, you'll want to work for a company that also aligns with who you are, and that means you should know what you're getting into. 

Dress to win.

It's true that one shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but if you're going to shine, you'd want your threads to intensify your light, not dull it. You don't need to go with the old slacks-and-polo combo.