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This 23-Year-Old Pinay Was Scouted By A Modeling Agency On Instagram

You just have to go for it.

With everything that's happening in the world, it isn't easy to pursue your goals and chase after dreams. But if you absolutely want something, there are ways to make things happen, if you're determined enough to keep pursuing them.

Case in point: 23-year-old Filipina Laureen Garcia, a Computer Engineering graduate (and former Candy Rookie!) who moved to Los Angeles, recently got signed by Minnesota-based modeling agency Liz J Models. Laureen made a vlog on her YouTube channel detailing the process she went through before officially becoming a signed model abroad.

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Like any other career-related tale, Laureen's started off with uncertainty. In the beginning of her vlog, Laureen confessed that she felt unqualified, especially because she's in a foreign country whose agencies have a strict standard when it comes to height (Laureen shares that she's 5'2"). But thanks to her resolve, she decided to at least try out regardless of what the results may be.

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First, Laureen listed down the agencies she's looking to apply for, including big ones like IMG, Next, Wilhelmina, and Bella, among others. Next, she also listed down her statistics, like her height, weight, and body measurements. Lastly, she listed down the things she will need in order to send in applications, such as digitals (aka photos of her taken at different angles and lengths).

Two weeks after submitting her applications, Laureen shared that she didn't get a response from IMG Models. Instead of getting sad about it, however, she decided to keep on improving her modeling skills by collaborating with other creatives on digital shoots. She also went on to make a website where she compiled her best works as a model and even made a demo reel.

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But what possibly got Laureen scouted, she shares, is a change in strategy: She decided to take it to Instagram and put certain hashtags in her photos' captions, hoping one of the modeling agencies she's eyeing spots her account. To her surprise, Laureen received a message from a modeling agency one day, asking if she would like to get signed. After a few DMs over Insta, a round of calls, and a contract reading, Laureen finally got signed!

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"Being in an agency doesn't really guarantee me a job yet but at least I'm being represented and someone out there is helping me [develop] my talent," she shares in her vlog.

Congrats, Laureen!

Watch her vlog here:


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