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Prince George's School Uniform Costs Around P25,000

A wardrobe fit for a prince.
PHOTO: Instagram/kensingtonroyal

In September 2017, the whole world watched as Prince George started school. He royally strolled through the gates of Thomas' school in Battersea, London lookin' really cute in his little blue uniform, clasping Prince William's hand. 

As expected, Thomas' Battersea is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the world; a year there costs $23,000 (or a little over P1 million).

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That said, students are all dressed accordingly. Their uniforms are supplied by John Lewis

The Evening Standard calculated the cost of a year's worth of George's uniforms and it came out to $456.50 or P23,000. But if you add the optional winter wear—complete with gloves, hat, scarf, and jacket—the grand total is closer to $515 (P26,000). 

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Source: Evening Standard, John Lewis, Insider

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