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How To Make Your Sweldo Last During Times Of Emergency

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Whatever your pay grade is, you've probably experienced being short on cash a few days before payday at some point in your life. Minsan, hindi ito maiiwasan, especially when you catch an unforeseen financial blow (which is a reason why you should get insurance, by the way). Pero ngayondapat maging smart when it comes to budgeting, mas lalo na sa panahon na may public health emergency. Start yourself off with a better financial standing with these easy adjustments. 

  1. Magtabi muna ng pera para sa sarili

    Some people set aside money for all their expenses, then put what's left in their savings account. In reality, what you should be doing is the opposite: Pay yourself first before paying everything else. Kung gusto mong palakihin ang savings mo, it's a must to put it at the top of your financial priorities, kung hindi, baka wala ka nang ma-set aside.

  2. Immediately budget your sweldo for necessary expenses

    Once you've paid yourself, set aside money for your bills. If you can do this on the same day that you get your salary, gawin mo na para hindi mo magastos sa ibang mga bagay.

  3. Take into consideration "biglaang gastos"

    It's always good to have money for miscellaneous expenses. These can include food, medication, and other important supplies. This can also tide you over should you encounter small emergencies. (Take note, however, that you still have to have a separate emergency fund.)

  4. Huwag maging swipe-aholic

    Given the recent situation, maraming namimili onlinebut you have to remember that you should limit your expences to necessities, because credit cards only serve to delay your payment; what you swipe are still debts.

  5. Live within your means.

    Living within your means is cutting off excesses you can do without and learning how to appreciate delayed gratification. Trust us: You'll definitely feel good about yourself when you get to the next payday at may natira ka pang pera from your last sweldo.

Bonus: Be liquid.

Not really a tip on saving money, ngunit magagamit pa rin.

Being liquid means you actually have cash on hand, and you're not turning your bank account into a wallet that you withdraw from every time. Mahalaga ito dahil may mga pagkakataong hindi ka makatatakbo sa bangko para mag-withdraw. Don't empty your bank account, but have enough physical money that could will last you several days or a couple of weeks.

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