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Sheroes Say: Learning the Smart Way to Handle Your Money Can Be As Easy As 1-2-3

Start being money-wise as early as now.
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Winning a Nobel Peace Prize, bagging our first Olympic gold, getting crowns at international pageants, showcasing talents around the globe, and being Sheroes all over the world.

Yaaas, we’re talking about our empowered fun, fearless Pinays!

But when it comes to handling finances, do Filipinas have the right knowledge, especially in the age of swiping and online shopping? *Sighs*

Financial illiteracy is a big NO-NO, and Sheroes Iza Calzado, Abby Asistio, Dr. Gia Sison, and Shari Poquiz are here to tell you why and make you money-wise in 1-2-3!

Be financially smart. NOW.

Proud of your “speed” when hitting “add to cart” for flash deals or tapping “order now” when you’ve got expiring “free delivery” vouchers? Guess what? You should have the same energy when it comes to securing a financially empowered future for yourself. Your age doesn’t matter—but your future does! Start being money-wise as early as now. No ifs. No buts. Just “speed.” *Winks*

Begin with these few easy steps: track your expenses, separate your “needs” from your “wants.” and be smart when choosing where your money goes.

It pays to be financially empowered (as stated here, the earlier, the better), just like what Shero Abby said, “Ang dami-daming aspects ng buhay natin: family, career, personal, and emotional. It really is about having the control and being independent when it comes to your finances.”

Prepare for the “unexpected.”

When emergencies befall, empowered women may fall, too—but will surely rise again above all!

When Shero Shari became a single mother, preparing for the unexpected has been one of her top priorities. “Will I be able to provide for my kids financially? Kakayanin ba ng mga kikitain ko?” She shares that to be able to manage her resources and secure the future of her kids, she needed to seek advice from a financial advisor. “The first thing I did was contact a financial advisor and he advised me to get health insurance, a very comprehensive one.”

Likewise, Shero and breast cancer survivor Dr. Gia knows by heart the importance of saving money in case of emergencies."

"We should never underestimate the power of being prepared," she stressed. "It was an unexpected diagnosis and I have to admit na kahit doctor ako and mayroong institution that can at least help me out, there are struggles in terms of financial. It was a hard lesson for us that anything can happen any day." (Critical illness insurance truly helps. Read this.)

So before you start adding to your cart again, make sure to set aside some money for your emergency fund, which should be equivalent to your expenses for three to six months. Explore other options to future-proof your savings, as well, like opening a savings account or investing!

Seek help from the right people.

Think of financial advisors as your trusted Titas and Titos of Manila, and they’re just one call away to help you become Sheroes for financial empowerment! (And they give financial planning tips as useful as these.

‘Cause Shero Iza’s right—“Importante na ma-empower ang mga kababaihan at lahat ng tao tungkol sa financial literacy. We should talk about money without shame.”

Hear, hear! So slay your way to financial empowerment and unleash the Shero in you!

Say #InAko and sign up now to take the first step in your journey to financial literacy! Oh, and feel free—and empowered—to follow @InsularLifePH on Facebook and @insular_life on Instagram, and search and follow the hashtags #InAkoInLife and #InLifeSheroes for more financial tips!

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