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Never EVER Say These Things During A Job Interview

'How long will this take ba?'
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During a job interview, there’s honest and there’s TOO honest. It’s important to know how to answer a question truthfully, but also professionally. Whether you’re a fresh grad or just in-between jobs, here are some examples of what you should avoid saying:

When you're late: "I'm so sorry, it was so traffic!"

Being late for a job interview says loads about your work ethic. And blaming our traffic situation for your lack of planning skills? So unprofessional!

P.S. It doesn't help that you said "It's so traffic"—this is a common grammatical mistake Filipinos make. Traffic is a noun, referring to the flow of vehicles in this context. It shouldn't be used as an adjective! The correct usage is, "I'm so sorry, the traffic was horrible."  

When asked why you want this job: "I want to gain experience."

Rookie mistake! This isn't an internship wherein that answer might be more applicable. The company will actually pay you to provide a service based on your skills. The employer-employee relationship should be symbiotic, so don't go to an interview and say you're just there to beef up your resume. Instead, talk about how you're passionate about what the company does, and how it's aligned with your skill and what you can contribute if ever you're hired. 

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When asked about your accomplishments: "I was an honor student in grade school and high school..."

Girl, even if you graduated summa cum laude in college, your employer wouldn't pick you based on that fact. Sure, it is an accomplishment, but cite a concrete example of what you did to get that award. Your future boss is interested in how you deal with difficulties and setbacks, so tell a story about your resilience and strength of character, rather than enumerating the medals you got in school. 

Watch this video for more job interview no-nos!

Good luck, CGs!

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