How Many Siblings You Have Affects Your Career Path, Says Study

This is so interesting.
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Depending on whether you believe in free will or not, some people say our decisions are already decided for usand that although you think your career/relationships/life is dependent on your choices, it isn't.

And although we're not claiming to be Friedrich Nietzschethis research on how the number of siblings you have affects the job you choose certainly corroborates the idea that we're all subjects of our surroundings. Inteeeeresting.

Disney, who conducted the research to celebrate Frozen on National Siblings Day, compared a sample of over 500 successful individuals from 11 different careers to find whether certain groups of children were more likely to find success in certain career paths.

Researchers then analyzed the proportion of each type of sibling in each sample group, comparing it to expectations of a "normal family" as defined in Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, to see if their were significant differences.

The results? Research showed that middle children are 30 percent more likely to become company CEOs than their siblings, and 60 percent more likely to be authors.

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Eldest children are the rockstars and astronauts of the family, while it's the younger of the lot that are 50 percent more likely to be composers.

Interestingly, artists are 181 percent more likely to be only children, while the youngest sibling is 12 percent more likely to be an explorer than the middle or eldest children.

Sound familiar?

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