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Small Daily Expenses That Cost You More Than You Realize

Time to develop better spending habits!
PHOTO: Jico Joson

Unless you’re Kendall or Kylie Jenner, you’re undoubtedly always looking for ways to cut down on expenses. Sure, you could always resist the urge to shop online, and yeah, you could pack your lunch, but even with these good intentions, you slip more than you’d like to admit. When you do the math, there are still too many of those unaccounted for bills, so maybe it’s time to check your spending habits.

1. You “forget” your baon often.

LET’S BE REAL: Nobody forgets their baon four times a week. Also, most people have no problem with disregarding their packed lunches when an opportunity to buy food or grab drinks with officemates arises. If you want to actually save a significant amount of your paycheck, then you need to treat your baon as part of your routine. The same can be said about drinks; a two-liter water bottle from your favorite convenience store can cost around P50, but five gallons of water from a refilling station only cost P30. Invest in a BPA-free water bottle and make it a part of your baunan.

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2. You can’t seem to say “no.”

The need to fit in at work is an understandable one. We can’t blame you for not wanting to be the office party pooper. When you’re new, saying yes to every invitation is okay. But when you’ve settled in and established rapport with your teammates, refusing some nights out won’t make you lame. It’s perfectly fine to say, "I can’t afford this right now, but thank you." Hindi mo kailangang makisabay kung hindi mo talaga kaya.

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3. You overlook discounts.

Always look for a less expensive option! When you do go out, apart from (obviously) not buying the steak or salmon dish, take advantage of the specials or discounts. For example, during happy hour, skip your go-to cocktail and settle for the cheap beer instead. Or, you know, don’t force yourself to drink if you’re not feeling it, and just enjoy the company. Pwede naman 'yun.

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4. You buy too many things from the nearest convenience store.

Whether you’re craving or just trying to get through the week, the store near your office probably doubles as your afternoon sanctuary for when you need to stretch your legs and rest your mind. And without meaning to, you often leave with a small plastic bag full of things you never intended to buy. You know how people say you should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? This is just like that. Trust us, there are less financially crippling ways to cure boredom.

5. You fall victim to the allure of drinking iced coffee.

We blame Hollywood for this one. Apparently, there’s something so ~*cool and chill*~ about drinking iced coffee, even when the weather’s perfect. Cut that shit out. If you think about it, you should not be paying extra for ice! Need an afternoon pick-up? Go for the hot stuff, hot stuff. 

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