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How To Split The Bill Without Being Annoying

KKB na lang?
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We all know how this goes. It’s the end of the night and you’ve ordered once, twice, until you’ve all lost track of how many times you sent for an additional entree. The waiter comes with your bill in hand. Maybe you’re all tired or have had too much to drink, but nobody can figure out how to split the damn check. This scene can get pretty awkward, not just for you but for the restaurant staff as well. Keep these in mind for next time, to avoid the uncomfortable looks.

1. Be honest about your budget.

You don’t want to experience FOMO so you say yes to your barkada’s next gathering. Problem is, they’ve chosen a spot that’s waaay out of your price range. (P550 for an appetizer?!) The best way to approach this situation is to be upfront about what you’re willing to spend and don’t be guilted into going past that. Another alternative is agreeing to pay only for what you ate. Having a limit is nothing to be ashamed of!


2. Let go of that last centavo.

There is no need to whip out your TI-84 calculator to figure out how to divide your P5,862.35 bill. So what if you’re paying P25 more than your friend? If he or she is your friend, then it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Besides, the next time you’re falling short on cash, that friend will have your back. This is a saner way to deal with this situation.

3. Avoid ordering something that no one else wants.

Sometimes, especially with a larger group, people panic when the waiter comes too soon and you all don’t coordinate on what you want to order. So you start calling out items on the menu that looked appealing, without consulting everyone else. Orders double up, dishes get neglected, and you’re stuck with a bigger bill than you intended. People become passive aggressive about who needs to pay for what and what would have been a great night turns to shit. Yikes!

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