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9 Things You'll Absolutely Understand If You're Jobless

Forget that new lippie!

1. Dealing with super worried parents.

They just can’t believe that after years of spending copious amounts of cash on your education, you can’t seem to land a decent job. Chill, ma and pa! It’s not that easy in the real world.

2. Passing on every gimik opportunity with your barkada.

Valk tonight? Nope, more like (free) Netflix and chill. Kulang ang funds eh!

3. Plus, all your successful, overachieving friends are even worse than your parents.

Not everyone has found themselves or knows what they want to do in life in their mid-twenties, okay?

4. Finding a guy who’ll actually date an unemployed woman.

When he asks you what you do for a living, your go-to answer is: “I’m freelancing at the moment.” Hmmmkay!

5. Dying every time you see new makeup or clothes that you need in your life. 

No new lippie for you until you can afford it, CG!

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6. Looking like ~*crap*~ 24/7!

Pambahay outfit: check! Unwashed hair for days: check! Heavy eye bags from endless nights of binge watching old Gilmore Girls episodes: check! When you have no reason to get ready in the morning, why even bother? 

7. Losing track of time.

What day of the week is it? What month are we in? The days just seem to meld into one another when you aren’t following a specific schedule.

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8. Fixing your CV and portfolio so that it looks impressive to potential employers.

Girl, at your age, your college orgs shouldn’t even listed in there anymore.

9. Feeling like you have no purpose in life.

If a looming sense of existential dread is taking over your well-being, then the cure for that is to go out and do something about it!