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This Teen Started Selling Fidget Spinners And Made Over P17 Million

And he's barely 18 years old.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with fidget spinners. If not, it’s the latest toy-trend to hit the market. They’re ball-bearing devices you can rotate between your fingers and are said to be the “yo-yo” of this generation. More than a gadget for boredom, fidget spinners apparently promote relaxation and improve concentration. 

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17-year-old Allan Maman saw its business potential. Allan asked his physics teacher if he could use the school’s 3D printer. Allan sat in the science lab all night, printing fidget spinners to sell to his classmates. He eventually launched his own business and raked in around $350,000 (over P17,000,000) in sales.

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Initially, Allan just wanted to print his own fidget spinner because ordering from Etsy took too long. He asked his teacher for lessons on how to use the 3D printer. The administration eventually found out and asked Allan to stop using the school’s resources to run his business, so he just bought his own printer—yes, he had enough money to do so.

When there was enough of a demand, Allan partnered up with Cooper Weiss, launched Fidget360, and split the business 50-50. But Allan is realistic about this new ~trend~: “I definitely don't think the fidget spinner will last into the new school year in September. There's a possibility it will spark back up at the end of the summer when kids head back to school, but right now I think it’s entered its peak and it’s only gonna go down.”

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Luckily, Allan has established himself as a real entrepreneur now. He told Mic, “I have distributors in China I talk to now. Whenever they get a big order for a new product or develop something new and fun, they let me know.”

Here's the fidget spinner in action, FYI:

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