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These Instagram Filters Will Get You More Likes And Comments

Filtered photos increase audience engagement, a study says.

Today you took a really good selfie, a scenic shot, or an #OOTD. That’s great! Now which Instagram filter should you use? Should you even use one? #nofilter is a thing after all.

Researchers of Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech found that filtered photos increase audience engagement. They are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on. But some filters are more successful than others.

Filters that put more contrast and correct the exposure are more engaging, and so are those that produce a warmer color temperature than cooler tones. Your best choices are Rise, Valencia, and Sierra.

The experiment studied 7.6 million Flickr app photos taken by serious and casual photographers.

So filter away if you want to get those likes!

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