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Things Only Workaholics Know Too Well

"What are weekends?"

Work is constantly on your mind.
You could be at a friend’s wedding or at a family reunion when someone says something that sounds like a good idea for a campaign you’re currently working on. You send an email to yourself IMMEDIATELY or you excuse yourself because there's just no way you're going to let a potential million-dollar idea go!

Eating is optional.
Who has time for food? On the rare occasion that you do have time to eat, it’s almost always a working lunch. Can someone please pass the fries with those annual reports, please?

There’s no such thing as a long weekend.
While the rest of the country is on vacation, you’re busy typing away on your laptop, returning client calls, or coming up with strat plans. Long weekends are a MYTH.

Caffeine is your drug of choice.
It’s the only way you can function the whole day. THE. ONLY. WAY.

Dating is next to impossible. 
It’s hard to fit in dinner at The Fort or even coffee in Kapitolyo because of your busy schedule. No wonder guys think you’re giving them the brush-off. 

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