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This ~*Aesthetic*~ Brand Wants You To Know How Easy It Is To Start An Online Business

Listen up and take notes from the girl boss behind Lazada’s Shop Easy Peasy.
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Starting an online business may have crossed your mind, but the question is always: How? To give you an idea of what it takes to set up shop and start selling, we got to chat with Alex of Shop Easy Peasy—yes, *that* super aesthetic brand you keep eyeing on Lazada—about her journey when she was starting out and what she did to help bring her brand to where it is today.

ICYDK, Easy Peasy is a lifestyle brand that offers lifestyle essentials to make your life easy peasy—from nipple covers, seamless panties, hairbrushes, hair ties, masks, wallets, tumblers, and other everyday items. Sounds simple right? Easy Peasy takes what's basic and essential and turns them into something that's totally *aesthetic*—or shall we say, easy on the eyes. Today, Easy Peasy is one of Lazada’s well-loved brands, and we're letting you in on Alex and her team's journey to success.

Here are a few tips we picked up from Alex:

You don’t need a business background to start your online business.

Alex, 31, revealed that she has no business background prior to Easy Peasy. “I graduated with a nursing degree but never practiced it. I learned to do sales from being a medical representative and just explored online selling as a side hobby.”

Ideas can pop up any time!

While talking about the “no bra” trend in the US, Alex thought about how the Philippines may not be jumping into the braless bandwagon entirely—and that’s how the Easy Peasy nipple covers were born! Soon, she expanded Easy Peasy into a multi-category brand focused on providing Easy babes with valuable everyday products.

Invest in your brand.

“For our first product launch, we started with a P200,000 capital. We were sold out in a matter of days within launch. We couldn’t believe it!” These days, Alex shared that she and her team are hitting their 7-digit target every month. Pretty impressive, right?

Expect to be hands-on with your business when starting out.

It’s normal to be very hands-on with every part of your business at the start, especially if you can’t afford additional help. “[Looking back], I honestly wish I was better at photography, Photoshop, and Illustrator,” Alex shared. “So, learn about the creative, marketing, and financial aspects of your business.” Alex also mentioned that it's a good thing Lazada offers masterclasses and tools that help online sellers like her grow their brands.

Idea, execution, and timing are key.

When asked about how their thought process when coming out with products, Alex reveals: “Our product ideas start off as a problem we want to address.” Once they get an idea, Alex and her team make it a point to work with the best suppliers. After all, a product idea isn’t enough without proper execution. Alex also considers the right timing, sharing that Easy Peasy has products that are waiting to be released when the time is right.

Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics!

“For a brand to be appreciated online, you have to look good to capture their attention,” Alex shares. For Easy Peasy, Alex chose a minimalist approach (less is more!) and made sure the products really stood out visually.

Take advantage of the expertise of e-commerce platforms, like Lazada.

Using Lazada as a launch pad to her new brand proved to be a smart move. Alex enjoyed collaborating with her account managers (“they’re always a call or text away!”), who helped her grow her brand and reach the numbers Easy Peasy gets today. Fun fact: Easy Peasy has sold over 40,000 nipple covers to date! “Get help from experts to manage your business! It’s a truly priceless opportunity,” she shared.

Got those notes? Good! So go ahead, make that first step to starting your online brand. Alex's last piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs is this: “Keep trying to differentiate yourself and keep pushing yourself to your limits!”

Check out Easy Peasy on Lazada. Become a Lazada seller through this link:

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