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This Is How You Deal With Friends And Money

"Pwedeng pautang?"

They say friends and finances don't go well together, and considering the many ugly feuds we've heard about over the years, we're not really surprised. Here's how you can preserve your friendship when money gets in the way.

 								This Is How You Deal with Friends and Money

Put it in writing.
It's important to keep a paper trail of what has been paid and the remaining balance. This is your guide so you don't get confused about the small details. 

Bring a third party.
Although she may be your friend, you’ll never know what might happen in the long run. Involving a third party ensures that there is a witness who can hold both of you accountable for your words and actions. 

Give friendly reminders.
Don't go texting and calling your friend the whole day when her payment is due. Instead, wait a day or two after the date you both agreed on before giving her a call and remember to be polite. Just because you lent someone some money doesn't give you the right to treat her badly. 

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