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Why You Can't Seem To Quit Your Job And Start Your Dream Business

Without a concrete plan and a deadline, it can seem impossible.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Do you spend hours daydreaming about quitting your job, managing your own schedule, pursuing your passion, and building your empire? We have no doubts about you slayin’ it as a CEO, but you might need a little help with turning those dreams into reality.

But without a concrete plan and a deadline, it can seem impossible. If you’re wondering why your entrepreneurial dreams aren't happening yet, maybe you're stuck in what can be referred to as the "wantrepreneur" stage.

Here are five potential "wantrepreneurial" problems, and how to get over each hump:

1. Problem: You have an excuse for everything.

How to fix it: Your drive needs to be greater than your excuses. Remember why you fell in love with that passion in the first place. Pursuing your dream will never be a walk in the park—the sooner you accept that, the more motivated you will become to move forward no matter how hard it may seem. Get rid of your excuses like you would your creepy exes!

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2. Problem: You tend to jump from one idea to another.

Does this sound familiar? “I want to open a coffee shop…but I also want my own shoe business. Or maybe I can try becoming a professional photographer?” You’re motivated by every little thing that sounds ~*inspiring*~ but the excitement vanishes once you leave the event, finish the movie, or put that inspirational book away.

How to fix it: Decide on what you really want. Align that with your talents and skills. Ask yourself, “In 10 years, is this still what I want to be doing?”

3. Problem: It's been a year since you’ve brainstormed, but NOTHING has materialized.

How to fix it: Once you decide on what you want, the next thing on the agenda is to decide how much time you’re willing to give up for it. Yes, you might have to spend less time on Instagram, and yes, you might see your friends less. And those K-drama marathons? Goodbye! But hey, remember that good things may come to those who wait, but great things come to those who hustle.

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4. Problem: You don't have the patience to persevere.

How to fix it: It helps to have a vision board or something that could serve as a daily reminder to keep pushing. Reward yourself for small accomplishments. It might take a while to get to your goal, but other people don’t even have the guts to start. You’ll get there.  

So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt, and make shit happen. If not, a year from now, you’ll wish you started today. 

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