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Nurses Can Earn Anywhere From P50k To P80k A Month Abroad

According to an annual report by
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These days, it seems like everyone wants to experience working and living abroad—even if it's just temporarily. The truth is, however, it's insanely competitive; the list of in-demand jobs is short and you'll have to fight like hell to land one that pays well. 

According to a January to October 2017 job report by, the three highest-paid specializations are: healthcare roles in the Middle East, land-based engineering and IT jobs in Asia, and sea-based engineering positions overall

A fact that stood out to us the most is that nurses continue to be one of the most in-demand professionals! 

In the Middle East, nurses with five years of experience can earn up to P65,000 a month; in Asia, those with less than four years of experience take home around P50,000; and in the U.S., nurses are paid close to P80,000. 

Interested in working overseas?  Here are the top 10 countries with job openings:

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  1. Saudi Arabia (61,534 jobs)
  2. Qatar (16,083 jobs)
  3. UAE (7,231 jobs)
  4. Kuwait (5,310 jobs)
  5. Bahrain (3,725 jobs)
  6. Oman (3,661 jobs)
  7. USA (3,017 jobs)
  8. New Zealand (1,190 jobs)
  9. Malaysia (1,094 jobs)
  10. Taiwan (861 jobs)

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