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Your Super Cold Office Might Be The Reason You're Less Productive

According to a new study!
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In the middle of preparing a memo or emailing a client, have you ever noticed that your mind suddenly goes blank, and you can't focus because the aircon is on too high? According to a new study, women perform better at work in warmer temperatures. This isn't something I agree with, but who am I to deny science? 

Researchers Tom Chang and Agne Kajackaite studied 543 college-level participants. They observed these students as they took different types of tests in a room set to various temperatures between 61 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit (or 16 and 33 Celsius). The tests involved adding two-digit numbers without a calculator, answering logic problems, and forming German words out of the letter scramble ADEHINRSTU.

They found that in warmer temperatures, women scored higher in math and verbal tests, with a one-degree Celsius increase in the room's temperature resulting to a two percent increase in the number of math questions the women answered correctly as well as a one-percent increase in the verbal test. Men, on the other hand, performed better in cooler temperatures. 

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The researchers wrote, "Our results suggest that in gender-balanced workplaces, temperatures should be set significantly higher than current standards." Until the day your office is finally set to a temperature that keeps you warm and toasty, get yourself a jacket or blazer that'll keep your #OOTDs lit.

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