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Should I Wear Makeup To A Job Interview?

It depends...
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So much for not judging a book by its cover! According to a study by a fellow from the University of Stirling in Scotland, wearing makeup absolutely influences your interviewer’s opinion of you. What’s even trickier is the fact that that opinion is affected by the interviewer’s gender.

Dr. Viktoria Mileva, the fellow behind the study, asserts, “while both sexes agree that women with makeup look more attractive when it comes to ‘high status,’ [—a factor that determines whether you get the job or not—] it really depends on who is looking.” Why does “high status” matter? High status pretty much means high potential; most employers only hire people with a lot of potential in their respective industries.

You can climb the ranks with either prestige or dominance: “Either you are dominant, which means you are happy using forcefulness or manipulation to make people follow you, [or you’re prestigious—you have] positive merits and qualities that make other want to follow you.”

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Here’s the catch: Men see women wearing makeup as more prestigious and women view those same women as more dominant.

Based on follow-up studies, this type of reaction to women wearing makeup could be related to jealousy and threat potential. Women who wear makeup were thought to be more promiscuous and more attractive to men.

Sigh, this is pretty frustrating. This unhealthy, competitive mindset is holding us back! Let’s recognize the potential of all women and raise each other up, ladies.

Source: Hello Giggles

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