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What Three 30-Something Women Wish They Spent Their Money On In Their 20s

Take cues from them so you won’t regret spending on yourself.

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Since you’ve joined the workforce and now have a little more cash to spend, do you treat yourself or do you invest in stocks or material things? To help you know if you’re making the most of your youth and your money, we asked five 30-something women to look back on their 20s and share their #CashConfessions and the few things they wish they spent their money on when they were younger.

Loraine, 38, fashion entrepreneur, wife, and mother

What was your profession and how much were you earning monthly in your 20s?

I was earning about P12,000 a month when I started. I was in banking and sales.

What did you spend on in your 20s, and why?

I spent my money mostly on fast fashion and beauty because my job required me to look presentable to clients. However, I wish I also prioritized spending on life experiences—traveling to new places, taking a painting class, or even a wine appreciation seminar.

Since you're a fashion entrepreneur now, how would you have spent your money differently so you could travel often and start your business?

Seeing that I spent my money on clothing, I got to thinking that I might as well earn from it. With regards to travel, I didn’t really prioritize it then because of the time I put into my business. I thought I could do it later on. Now that I’m older and married with kids, I have to keep in mind that I now have a family and can’t really spend much on myself.

What do you spend on for yourself now?

I buy items that I can pass on to my kids like jewelry and real estate. Now I also spend on insurance.

Do you have any money advice for women in their 20s?

Start investing early, it really pays off in the end.

Eileen, 37, executive assistant

What was your profession in your 20s?

I was in real estate sales.

What do you wish you spent your money on in your 20s?

I would use it to take further studies abroad. Learning something new in a different place is an experience I would definitely treasure for life.  I also wish I spent less money on fast fashion and more on timeless pieces that I could use longer—like jewelry or a nice watch.

Was studying abroad something you really wanted to do in your 20s, or did you realize this later in your 30s?

I’ve always wanted to study abroad. I was lucky enough to do it, but only for a short while. I should have done it for a longer period of time.

Why didn’t you study abroad in your 20s?

I was busy and didn’t really think about it then.

Why were you spending on fast fashion and trendy items in your 20s, instead of investment pieces?

I was more into quantity over quality. Plus, I didn’t have the budget at the time.

What makes you want to spend on more timeless pieces now?

Now, I really have less time to shop, so I appreciate the value of buying things that last, because essentially, it saves me more time!

Do you have any money advice for women in their 20s?

Spend on more quality pieces even if they’re more expensive. With trendy items, you’ll eventually have to keep on replacing them, and you end up going through your funds faster and more frequently.


Gigi, 31, call center agency trainer

What was your profession and how much were you earning monthly in your 20s?

I was earning about P12,000 a month as an assistant. 

What did you wish you spent on in your 20s?

I should have thought of investing more in stocks or bonds. The interest rates back then were really ideal, around eight to nine percent, if I recall correctly. Now, you’d be lucky if you see the same opportunities. Making my money work for me is something I wished I’d given more thought to when I was younger.

What were your spending habits in your 20s? Why didn’t you invest in stocks or bonds?

I would randomly buy stuff—from clothes to beauty products.

Did you know about stocks or bonds in your 20s?

Yes, I learned about them from my parents and my bank.

Are you investing in stocks and bonds now that you’re in your 30s?

Yes, I actually invest more in bonds than in stocks now since I’m more conservative that way.

Any money advice for women in their 20s?

Don’t be afraid to learn. Put aside a small amount of investing money you’re willing to lose. Read business news and websites! Attend as many seminars as you can about different offerings. Watch the news because everything is connected to it.

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