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You Can Earn Money By Selling Your Pre-Loved Clothes Online

Make room!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Fashion girls know that with regular shopping, the accumulation of clothes is an unavoidable occurence. This leads to storage and space problems, which not everyone has the luxury of dealing with. So what else is there to do? Spring cleaning! Here's the fun part: you can earn back a portion of your shopping expenses by clearing out the articles of clothing you no longer use.

This, however, entails finding an easy avenue for you to sell your clothes. Beacause let's face it—not everyone has the time to put up a garage sale. But the solution is within a click of a button: the internet! Below are two ways you can try to sell your pre-loved goodies online:

1. Utilize social media

Facebook and Instagram still prove to be the biggest avenues to sell your items. This especially works if you have a wide network of friends and followers. But if your feed is carefully curated, you might want to follow the footsteps of the Uy sisters and create a second Instagram account to upload photos of your goodies and interact with potential buyers there.

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2. Try e-commerce sites

If you'd like to sell more items by joining forces with your friends and colleagues, then you may want to consider e-commerce sites that will sort out even the little things like shipping processes. Here are some you should definitely check out:


Carousell is an online marketplace that will take you less than a minute to start selling. All you need is to snap a photo of the item and upload! Tag it with the appropriate category and shoppers will immediately flock to your shop since the site allows members to join in groups that share the same interests.

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Like Carousell, Shopee easily lets you upload items you are ready to sell, provides effortless ways of reaching your customers through strong online support, and helps you manage your logistics by coordinating on your behalf when it comes to shipping the items.

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If you want to take your online garage sale up a notch, you may want to head on over to Shopify. This e-commerce site lets you set up a fully customizable website, online store, and blog so you can also control the overall aesthetic of your online store. Plus, you can also get your own domain name that you can easily share with your friends!

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Time to clean out those closets!