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Checklist: What *Exactly* Should You Look For In Your First Car?

Aside from stylish exterior and interior, of course.

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The ~first car~ is an important milestone for any Pinay. So if you’re finally considering getting your own, the most important thing is to look for something that will fit your needs. Buying a car is a huge investment—it's a responsibility you'll have for years.

You want something that seamlessly combines style and function, like the new KIA Stonic! It comes equipped with features that make for a great first car, especially for newbie drivers. Here’s why it’s worth a test drive:

1. Great engine performance

Always check the specs. You need something that will help you get maximum fuel efficiency and mileage, especially if you’re the type of person who loves to travel. With a 1.4-liter engine, the new KIA Stonic is equipped for optimum performance and efficiency. Its six-speed transmission ensures a smooth drive wherever you take it.

2. Convertible space

Will you frequently be driving family (or friends) around? Or will you be ferrying around bulky stuff on the regular? For when you can’t tell in advance what you’re going to need your car for, the KIA Stonic has foldable rear seats that will adjust to your needs.

3. Entertainment features

The car comes with an eight-inch *infotainment system* that will make it convenient for you to do important stuff, like checking directions or playing your music. Even better: The KIA Stonic is fitted with six built-in speakers that will help you enjoy your fave beats—a must for those long drives!

4. Safety features

Newbie drivers will love how this car has safety features that will help you drive with ease and confidence. It has an electronic stability control that will assist you when doing the simplest turns or the most complicated maneuvers. Parking is also a breeze with the rear camera and rear parking distance warning, which tells you when to back up and when to stop.

5. Stylish exterior and interior

Designed to impress from all angles, its polished exterior can only reflect your stylish personality. Inside, the KIA Stonic features comfy seats and a smart layout; the steering wheel even comes with audio and bluetooth hands-free control that lets you manage everything in the vehicle with ease!

Wondering how much these features will cost you? The KIA Stonic LX MT variant is available for P735,000; the LX AT goes for P835,000; and the EX AT costs P925,000. The vehicle comes with a warranty for five years or 160,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. And as a bonus, KIA even offers free roadside assistance for five years after your purchase! Sounds good, right?

See these features in action by booking a test drive of the KIA Stonic here. Follow KIA on Facebook and Instagram.

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