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Commuting Struggles That Make You Want To Cry + Scream

'Sayang ang ligo.'
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Pinoy commuters know the frustration of waking up before the sun is even up just to make it to the MRT or bus stop early, only to be greeted by an ~*insanely long*~ line. PAANO?! The sad thing is, this is just one of several struggles we encounter on a daily basis. Cosmo girls let all their commuting frustrations out (and every single one is super relatable!): 

There's no doubt about it: Rush hour is hell on Earth.

  • "You need to unleash the katipunera in you if you decide to ride a bus 'pag rush hour. " -Inna
  • "Masakit sa butt, yung sa tagal mong nakaupo kasi sobrang traffic." -Isabel
  • "Whenever I stand in line on Aurora Boulevard at around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., I know I'll get home around 9:00 p.m. because it's so hard to get into a jeep. It's [also] so scary to stand in dark streets, especially during the Christmas season." -Camille
  • "'Pag rush hour, wala kang ma-book na Grab. Last night lang, it took [me] three hours to book tapos [it was] P800." -Asiado

Staying fresh is almost impossible. 

  • "Walang galawan sa MRT. 'Pag labas mo, haggard and pagod [ka na]. That's why I stopped putting on foundation and blush because they have no use [after a commute]." -Isabel
  • "It's a struggle to keep my curls and waves from making me look like a bruha. Super struggle, especially when it's hot or when the wind is strong." -Paula
  • "When you're in the mood for a pak na pak na OOTD, but you cannot because of your commuting shenanigans." -Mariel
  • Three words: "Sayang ang ligo." -Anna

Sleeping is a thing. 

  • "When I commute to the province, ang dasal ko lang talaga is that yung katabi ko sa bus isn't the kind of person who takes up part of my seat and leans on me when they sleep." -Andrea
  • "Yung minsan pagod kayo lahat sa UV Express or jeep, so hinahayaan mo na lang 'pag hinihigaan shoulder mo." -Ginyn
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Street harassment is very real. 

  • "To me, every time I commute, I [experience] at least one incident of harassment. I get catcalled but on worse days, I experience being "hipo" or sometimes, I get followed by guys who eye me in the jeep. It's scary. I [was given] pepper spray and a steel portable baton because of how horrible it can be sometimes." -Gillian
  • "'Pag nakaupo ako sa tabi ng driver sa harap and naka-skirt or shorts ako, naiinis ako sa kambyo 'pag dumidikit sa legs ko. Nadadamay pati kamay ni kuya. Kainis!" -Michaela

The sadness of knowing it doesn't have to be like this:

  • "I used to love taking buses. As in, kung kaya i-bus, I'd take a bus! Kaso over the past couple of years, it gradually got harder and harder to get on one, plus the window of ideal commute times (maluwag, may mauupuan, walang traffic) continued to shrink. Palagi na lang tayuan. And then, you see people spilling out onto the middle of the street, right? You have to do that talaga or you'd never get on a bus.

    It wasn't like this just two years ago.
    " -Jewel

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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