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Cosmo Fitness Video: Pilates You Can Do At Home (For Back And Waist)

The third Cosmo Pilates video teaches you basic routines to help you get rid of bilbil and back fat.
You've learned the Pilates way of warming up and breathing properly in the first Pilates workout video (watch it here). You've also seen easy-to-follow steps for achieving a flatter tummy and tighter thighs in the second video (watch it here). Now, Cosmo's Pilates instructor Hazel imperial teaches us a few easy routines that will work your back and waist for a more fit and fab you!

Learn some some back and side-lying exercises that will help you achieve that sexier-looking back (sans back fat) and smaller, bilbil-free waist you've always dreamed of. As with the previous videos, Pilates tools aren't needed for the simple routines that you'll learn here.

Video by Chaps Ongchap
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