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Cosmo Gift Guide: Help The Environment With 52 Beauty And Wellness Products

When gift-shopping, try to get something that helps the environment. Make a difference this Christmas with these eco-friendly picks.

If the holiday rush is stressing you out as early as now--with so much shopping to do and so little time (or money!)--here's a great idea that would spare you the stress of figuring out what to give people: get those on your list lovely, useful products that can help the environment.

You can stop saying you're too busy to make a difference. This Christmas, make all your gifts your way of making a positive difference to the fragile environment--even if it's for something as mundane as your choice of skin care products for yourself and your loved ones.

To make your life even easier, we've compiled 60 skincare, hair care, and wellness products that give tender loving care, not just for the skin, hair, or body, but for Mother Nature as well. These contain all-natural and/or organic ingredients and were manufactured through nature-friendly processing methods. They also come in recycled or completely recyclable packaging, to help reduce industrial waste and its ill effects on the environment.

So if you still have no clue what to give your mom, sister, BFF, or even your guy, then look no further. We've pretty much got every kind of earth-friendly personal care and beauty product covered--for every budget! Go and get them for yourself too--these products are just so fab! Besides, you do deserve some guilt-free pampering, right?

Click on the gallery button below to view the products (plus tips!) that'll make great gifts for loved ones and yourself this Christmas.

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