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70 lucky members had the time of their lives at the exclusive party Cosmo threw for them!
Longtime members of finally got to meet face-to-face last May 19 at our first ever Fun, Fearless Eyeball. After months of talking to each other and getting to know each other online, loyal Cosmo chicks were finally able to hang out--and have the time of their lives at our exclusive party.

Held at Fuel Bar in The Fort Strip, the party featured free-flowing drinks from Manny O Wines and Koliakov Vodka, yummy food, and non-stop fun. Four of Cosmo's Summer Studs, Michael Acuna, Joseph Boustani, Bryann Foronda, and Adam Ibrahim, came to party with the girls and play some really fun games. The first game, Funny Bones, was Twister without the mat. Cosmo chicks paired up with the guys, and the host would announce body parts that they'd have to connect. If they break apart, they're out of the game! Luckily, though, every girl who joined the games went home with awesome prizes from Etude House, Bobbie, and Summit Digital. And no one went home empty-handed that night, as all the guests got loot bags filled with goodies from Etude House, Penshoppe, Montagne Jeunesse, and Kotex Luxe.

The second game, Banana Snack, was even crazier, because GMA-7's Starstruck V Avengers Ian Batherson (who was one of our Bachelors last year!) and Piero Vergara joined in the fun. They gamely got blindfolded and tried to feed their partners two bananas.

They sat out the third game, though. The Summer Studs played Marshmallow Kiss with four members: They passed marshmallows to each other, from one bowl to another across the stage, using only their mouths.

Ian Batherson came back for the fourth and final game (sponsored by Cosmopolitan Philippines), Mark Your Man. He took his shirt off just like the four other hunks so that his partner could leave as many lipstick marks on him as possible, in the hope of nabbing the first prize, which includes a free subscription to Cosmopolitan Philippines!

We thought that was the hottest it would get, but then the real party started! Even contributor, model and image consultant Bianca Valerio and Starstruck's Prince Stefan came to party with us! We'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Click on the button below to see snapshots from the most awesome eyeball ever! would like to thank our sponsors, Fuel Bar, Etude House, Bobbie, Penshoppe, Kotex Luxe, Manny O Wines, Regatta, Memo, ForMe, Oxygen, Koliakov Vodka, Montagne Jeunesse, and Pimp Ship Productions.
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