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7 Crystals To Keep At Your Office Desk For Instant ~Good Vibes~

Plus, they'll make your cubicle look extra pretty!
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Decorating your workspace is one way to express yourself in a professional setting, and you can make your desk décor work for you if they emanate good juju. Nothing does this better than crystals—aside from looking pretty, crystals are believed to have healing properties to suit your every need, and this can be especially helpful at the office. Below, crystals you can use to decorate your desk, increase productivity, and create an all-around good vibe at work: 

  1. Citrine

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    The glassy yellow crystal is known as the stone of success, and while success is a result of hard work, Citrine can help you muster up the ambition and creativity you need to keep you motivated. The crystal manifests abundance and prosperity while relieving fear and anxiety, so if you’re eyeing a promotion or want to negotiate a pay raise, it’ll be a great stone to display on your desk. 

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  2. Green Aventurine

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    Want to increase your productivity? Green Aventurine—known as the stone of opportunity—helps align the different situations you find yourself in so that achieving your goals is inevitable. The stone can also help dissolve old patterns and stress, making it the perfect stone to have if you’re heading a huge project or speaking at a big meeting.

  3. Black Tourmaline

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    A toxic work environment can not only be a hindrance to your work output, it can also be detrimental to your mental and emotional health. Instead of letting rude co-workers get to you, keep Black Tourmaline on your desk to get rid of negative energy. It’s known to cleanse negativity from a person or space, and it can also protect you from other people’s own toxic energy.

  4. Rose Quartz

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    We all have that one office crush, and while Rose Quartz won’t make him fall head over heels for you in an instant, it can help by opening you up to love. The crystal dispels fear and suspicion and facilitates compassion and tenderness, helping you attract new love and deepening your relationships with your co-workers.

  5. Lapis Lazuli

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    If you have a huge client presentation that you absolutely cannot mess up, let the stunning blue crystal help aid your communication and analytical skills. It stimulates wisdom and understanding, so you’ll be able to view your work from all angles—leaving little to no room for mistakes. It also encourages honesty and harmony—perfect for bringing balance to the workplace.

  6. Sardonyx

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    Sometimes, you find yourself rushing to complete tasks you would’ve done sooner if you hadn’t been participating in office chika. If you can’t seem to get away from all the distractions at work, keep a grounding stone like Sardonyx in your cube. It helps improve self-control and discipline while boosting optimism and confidence. It also helps deepen friendships, so your co-workers won’t think you're a snob if you decide to skip a gossip sesh every now and then.

  7. Pyrite

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    The crystal known as “fool’s gold” may not be as foolish as it was once thought to be. The powerful stone can increase your vitality, will power, and innovation. It protects you from those looking to take advantage of you at work while increasing your mental clarity and focus. It encourages your leadership skills as well, so you’ll definitely be a standout employee in your boss’ eyes.

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