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Keep These Crystals Close To You If You're Feeling Homesick


While working and living abroad has its upsides—like getting to explore a new city and experience different cultures—more often than not, you might feel a tinge of homesickness. It’s totally understandable to want to be with your friends and family, especially with the holidays coming up. If you can’t help but feel sad when you think of home, enlist the help of healing crystals to comfort you. They can be powerful tools that can help ground you and ease the pain you might be feeling. Below, we list some of the best ones to help you feel better about living abroad.


If you’re missing your mom, carry pink Mangano calcite with you. It has a calming, nurturing energy—much like your mom’s—which is why it’s also classified as the best Universal Mother. It helps relieve the fear you might have from living in a new city, while also boosting your self-confidence, so you’ll adjust to the new locale in no time. 



This stone is one for stability—something you might need if you’re feeling unsure about your decision to work abroad. It’s a powerful healing crystal that has a low, steady vibration so it’ll bring you the same sense of security you felt when you lived back home. It also encourages you to find awareness and celebrate moments of isolation.


This stone is perfect for when you need to shift to a more positive outlook in life. It’s a grounding stone, so it can help calm you down and ease the tension you might be feeling from homesickness. It’s also perfect to meditate with if you feel like your life has been fragmented—it will uplift your attitude and prevent you from the feelings of fear and loss.

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If you’re feeling sad and distressed, you might be losing sleep. Maybe your dreams of home turn into nightmares about your new living situation. For a more restful sleep, turn to sodalite. The blue-gray stone helps prevent bad dreams and promotes a sense of peace and calm in your bedroom. Meditate with it before you shut your eyes, or sleep with it under your pillow to protect you from nightmares and insomnia.


This purple stone might already be familiar to you since it’s popular not just for healing, but also in jewelry. This crystal can help clear your mind of negative thoughts—something you might be having a lot off if you’re missing home and just feel like dropping everything to go back. Amethyst will remind you that home is where you are at this very moment, and it will help relieve your longing to go back to your family. 


Rose Quartz

While it’s known as a stone for love, rose quartz can also help attract like-minded individuals you can easily confide in. That’s something you’ll need if you’re calling a new city home. It also promotes self-love, peace, and harmony, and it will bring a sense of contentment to you and your new life. 

Desert Rose

This pretty crystal is often used as a talisman to protect against negativity. It’s perfect to have if you’re struggling through the hardships and challenges of homesickness and adjusting to a new city. The petaled stone can also help you realize your dreams, give you an optimistic attitude, and help you remember that you’re abroad to fulfill your goals and make yourself proud.


This ocean-colored stone is perfect for long-enduring situations that will require you to adjust to be able to function properly and feel good about what you’re doing. It’s also a crystal of empowerment, so it’ll help you eliminate feelings of doubt if you find yourself in a stressful situation. If you want nothing more than to go home, chrysocolla will help remind you that you are strong and can persevere even in unfamiliar locations. 


Dragon Stone

This crystal is amazing for healing, especially for when you’re homesick. It won’t repress your emotions, rather it will help you unlock your heart so you can face your problems and baggage head-on. It rejuvenates your senses and can enhance the rate in which you find healing. 

Tiger’s Eye

This protective stone not only helps bring success and prosperity into your life, it also helps bring balance to your psyche so that you can easily release fear and anxiety—things that might keep you from finding comfort in a new town. Often, homesickness can distract you from performing your best at work and giving yourself the self-care you need. With tiger’s eye, you can focus on removing emotional blockages and find the strength to go out on your own and try new things. 

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