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Your Favorite Crystals Can Answer Your Love Questions

Your rose quartz knows all.
Your Favorite Crystals Can Answer Your Love Questions

Take your favorite crystal and give it a toss—it might know your future. Lithomancy is a form of fortune-telling that involves seeing where crystals land when they're thrown (or in some cases, analyzing the ripples they create when they're cast into water, or interpreting the refraction of light through them).

This method of fortune-telling became popular in Europe in the 1400s, and many complex and intricate rituals were created around the practice. It’s pretty fancy stuff! The good news is that today, you do NOT need to be a wizard, witch, alchemist, or druid to try this out for yourself. All you need is some crystals and your intuition.


  • 12 crystals: Choose 12 small crystals—and yes, your favorite amethyst earrings or rose quartz necklace totally count. If you want to be fancy, you can choose crystals that represent particular qualities—but whatever you have on hand works just fine. And if you don't have 12 crystals in your collection, you can use any kind of stone, including that cool-looking rock you saw on your daily walk.
  • A small bag: Make sure all 12 crystals/rocks fit inside.
  • A circle, 1 meter diameter in diameter: Mark your circle on the floor using string, ribbons, tape, chalk, etc.
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How to use crystals to tell your ~love fortune~:


Think of a question you want answered, like "What is the potential of this relationship?" "What's going wrong in this relationship?" or "Is this relationship over for good, or is there a chance we'll get back together?" We're using love questions here, but it could be anything! Try to think of a question that can be addressed from three different angles (your POV, your partner's POV, and an outside/objective POV). Write your question down so you don't forget it.


Sit in front of your circle, holding your bag full of crystals on your lap. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then reach into the bag and pull out three rocks. Take as long as you need to for this. If you like, go ahead and touch all of the crystals in the bag until you find the three that ~feel~ right.

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Pay attention to the position they land in. The crystal that lands closest to the center of the circle represents your action, true feelings, or motivation (depending on the question you asked). The crystal that's second-closest to the center represents your partner's/crush's/ex's feelings/actions/motivations, and the crystal closest to the outside of the circle represents an unseen force or outside perspective.


Now it's time to figure out what each crystal represents to you. You might consider the qualities each crystal traditionally represents (like rose quartz = self-love; ruby = passion; amethyst = healing), the particular associations they hold for you (Were those emerald earrings a gift from your mom? Did you find that cool-looking rock on a date?), and anything else your intuition tells you.

One at a time, hold each crystal to your heart, and ask it to reveal a message for you. Close your eyes and let your thoughts wander. Allow emotions, symbols, images, words, feelings, music, and ideas to flow freely through your mind. When you feel like you've ~emptied~ each crystal of its meaning, pause and write down what you think the message is, and whatever wisdom or action you take from it.

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Do this for each of your three crystals/rocks. Then, hold all three of them in your hand against your heart and see what their combined energy reveals. Again, write this down. There you go—you just did lithomancy.

Like most kinds of ~intuitive work~, lithomancy requires some lateral thinking, but get creative. You're tuning into your subconscious and learning to make sense of it. The more you practice, the easier this will get. Your intuition is here to help you, bb!


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