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Cute Plant Accessories You Need In Your Life If You Love ~Nature~

Cute Plant Accessories
PHOTO: Common Room

Hello there, plantitas! We're sure your house is just teeming with fresh greenery right now. You've probably also scoured Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, Shopee, and Lazada for quirky pots, chic racks, and tools to prettify your indoor garden. If you still want another way to show your love and dedication for plants, might we suggest some cute ~merch~? Check out the best ones we found below:

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These adorable dangling cactus earrings.

Now you can take your precious little succulents with you wherever you go.

Where to buy: @poeimacrafts

This super-cute potted plant necklace.

We cannot get over how ~realistic~ the potted plant charm looks!

Where to buy: @dandyonajewelry


This "Plant Owners Association" button pin.

Rep your ~club~ loud and proud!

Where to buy: Common Room, Ella Lama

Ella Lama

This cool-girl tote bag.

Don't want a bag that screams "I'm obsessed with plants"? This cool-girl embroidered canvas tote has just the right amount of greenery to make it ~subtle and laidback~.

Where to buy: Common Room

Common Room
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These plant-themed face masks.

Mak Tumang, the designer responsible for the face masks inspired by Catriona Gray's iconic 2018 Miss Universe red lava gown came out with a set dedicated for plantitas! It comes with four face masks that are available in seven different sizes. 

Where to buy:

This houseplants sticker set.

Make your work laptop look a little more cheery with some houseplant stickers from this set by local artist Cheryl Owen.

Where to buy: Common Room

Common Room

This dangling pair of crochet leaf earrings.

Are ~handmade~ jewelry more of your speed? This dangling pair of crochet leaf earrings will give you big nature momma vibes!

Where to buy: Crochet Corner PH Shopee store.

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