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Do You Feel Prettier Online Than In Real Life?

Be honest.

How often do you open your social media accounts to see the number of likes on your posts? How do you feel when you see that a lot of people have given your selfie a thumbs up? How about when you don’t get a lot of likes?

In their latest campaign, #NoLikesNeeded, Dove urges women to stop basing their self-worth on the number of likes they get on social media. The movement comes after they found out that six out of 10 girls in the UK feel prettier online than in real life—a statement that hits a little too close to home for most of us.

We want you, Cosmo Girls, to remember that the number of likes you generate online does not validate you. The number of hearts and thumbs up you see on your social media accounts every day does not make you any more or any less of a person. True beauty does not equate to having a million followers online; it comes from the freedom to be yourself.

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Your self-worth does not depend on anyone but yourself. The only “like” and “heart” that matters is yours and yours alone.

Learn more about the movement here.

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