Drink And Think

Do you drink too much--and puke a lot? Pick up some drinking "pointers" from our blogger's latest entry, where she dwells on her own "drunken" experiences.

I don't like drinking, but I would if I could. It's just that I hate how alcohol smells, tastes, and how it hits me. Whenever I'm at a party, I can't help but feel a little bit out of place the moment everybody starts getting drunk and chatty. Thankfully, my energy level is high enough that I can involve myself in drunken conversation. Otherwise, I'd definitely end up being the token wallflower. It's not that I'm KJ or a party pooper. I've just had enough embarrassing experiences with alcohol to know better.

On my first week with Cosmo, Zo told me we had to fly to Cebu for the weekend, so we could spot potential bachelors among the Cebuano men. I was so excited over the fact that I'd be getting a mini-vacay on the very first week of this fun job. We were set to meet with designers and event organizers for our first night, then have a Cosmo party in one of Cebu's happening clubs the next night. The third day would be devoted to a photo shoot with the Cebuano bachelors.
After we arrived and got the work part of the trip over with, we all hung out and started getting to know each other. Zo and Red both told me there'd be a lot of drinking at the party we'd be attending, so I better prepare myself. I, in turn, warned them about my extremely low tolerance for alcohol. They just laughed it off. The next night, Zo bought me a Lemon Drop at the party and told me to pace myself so I could get into the groove with other partying peeps. Since this was a Bachelor Search, we also had to do some work during the party (and I'm not complaining).

Halfway through my drink and in the midst of looking over some forms with Zo, I felt nauseous. I knew that if I stayed any longer, I'd end up puking in front of my new boss. Experience has taught me to excuse myself at the first signs of nausea, so I did with my palm over my mouth. I barely made it to the bathroom, and I had to explain what happened to Zo when I got back because she didn't understand a word I said when I left. That's another Sooo Un-Cosmo moment to add to my growing list.

I have had my fair share of drunk puking (aside from what I just told you) that I think I've already gotten the hang of holding my alcohol. Here's what I picked up as I transitioned from party puker to a (slightly) better drinker.

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  • Initial encounters with alcohol should be held in the company of your closest friends. By close, I mean those whom you know would still be your friends even if you drunk-dial their crush or barf all over their party dress. That way, you'll know what stupid things you're capable of doing when you're drunk, and you'll have your best buds to keep you in check.
  • Keep track of your alcohol intake. Know how many bottles, glasses, and shots it takes to get you tipsy, drunk, or wasted. When I started being aware of how much I was drinking, I got the hang of figuring out my own levels of drunkenness. I learned to stop before cute tipsy turns into blubbering idiot.
  • Understand how your body reacts to alcohol. On top of puking, I used to break out in hives whenever I've had one or two shots of hard liquor. I learned that I was allergic to certain types of drinks. Since my friends keep telling me that I need to learn how to drink and I see the merits of using alcohol as a social lubricant, I think I've outgrown my allergies but I still stay in the safe zone of one or two cocktails per party.
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  • Go before you blow. Don't wait for your dinner to rise to your throat before you excuse yourself. The moment you start feeling weird, go straight to the ladies' room to avoid making a mess. Better yet, check out Cosmo's upcoming December issue for tips on how to party smart—and avoid an embarrassing scene.
  • Finally, party responsibly. You don't want to have pictures of your wasted self posted all over Facebook. Also, if you want to be invited to more parties in the future, you should know better than getting too drunk and being a burden to the host or other guests.

People use drinking as a way to bond. There are certain occasions where it's okay to get wasted, and others that demand more propriety, though. We should all learn how to tell the difference and act accordingly. While I think being able to handle alcohol is a very admirable skill, I believe that being able to conduct yourself well under any circumstance is even way more impressive. And yes, that is with or without alcohol.

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